Weekly Roundup Week 27

So how were we this past week? The transfer market has officially begun for the club and the truth is, now it is nothing strange to see a few signings stand at the Emirates with the famous Arsenal shirt, beaming at the chance to play for one of the greatest clubs in the world. (Yes, we still are!) Well, how far are we then? Let’s just say that our summer might go a bit slower than we had imagined back in mid-June.

Confirmed Signings

Yaya Sanogo

Alright, so we don’t know how good this kid is right now, and we don’t know how good he will become. However, we do know that he’s got talent and he will surely bring something more than what the likes of NB52 and Park are giving us right now. Sure, Park wasn’t exactly given a chance, but I see Sanogo getting more minutes than him and producing something worth paying his salary for. Decent confirmed signing. Free and French makes it a typical Wenger signing. The only loss we could have on this is him getting injured. (He’s injury prone!)

Rumors, rumors, rumors…

I wanted to make this section a “Pending Signings” section, but the truth is, it isn’t a pending one. It’s actually just rumors and some hopes in our dreams.

Gonzalo Higuaín

I’m not surprised at all by what our board is doing. Real Madrid want more money and we won’t budge. Is there a chance that we may lose out on him? Yes, very well so. Even if Higgy has shown his desire to leave Spain and play at the Emirates, if RM chooses to not allow it, he won’t be able to. If Madrid want a few more million, we should pay. It’s a lot better than signing less proven players. We need to learn how to wrap up business. I can just sense this one becoming another Mata or another Hazard.

Wayne Rooney

WR10 is consistently linked with us. Moyes says that he isn’t for sale. Well, that means that Wayne’s going to rot in Old Trafford or he’s going to ply his trade further in OT. He’s staying there unless someone chooses to throw a ridiculous offer, which probably won’t happen. I’d say the next one coming to us is now greater than this Englishmen. Poor guy, he’ll probably be better off with us to be honest.

Luis Suárez

Forget the bite. Suárez would instantly improve our team and hit his first season running with 40 goals. Our team creates chances and we just need a player keen enough to slot them away. Suárez knows how to create chances and better yet, he knows how to score goals even when chances provided to him are mediocre at best. Unfortunately, this probably won’t happen just like the WR10 rumors. C’mon Higgy!

Lars Bender

We bid and we got rejected. We need this type of a battling midfielder. Plus, he’s a German and we’ve had quite some success with Germans lately, in the mold of BFG and Poldi. Thankfully we’re at least trying to do some quality signings this window…

Marouane Fellaini

I’ve said this multiple times, but Fellaini is really a guy we cannot afford to miss out on. EPL proven and a strong presence in the middle of the park. Ramsey and Arteta are good, but especially the latter won’t be able to keep us running for the entire season, while the former still looks rusty after the horrendous injury. Is there actually another player this multi-talented as Fellaini in the Premier League?

Geoffery Kondogbia

In the worst situation where we miss out on Bender and Fellaini, we really should pick this French U-20 up. The nucleus of the current French U-20 with Pogba, Kondogbia would bring us some great size and metal. The guy’s tall and he knows how to control the ball. He won’t slot into the starting line-up immediately, but I can just see him grow into the starting spot and cement it by May 2014. Sure, we don’t have time to wait, but I’m also sure that we’ll be drooling over this kid around this time next year if he chooses to ply his trade elsewhere. (Possible Vieira replacement?)

Not to forget…

Clément Grenier and Júlio César are still on our radars, with the latter being extremely close. Why not pick up both AW?

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