Weekly Roundup Week 25

Welcome to 2013 Week 25’s round of Weekly Roundup!

This week, while we have yet to hear anything confirmation regarding summer signings from the club, we have seen somewhat of a progress. However, as we can never really “confirm” anything until we really see the player beside the manager holding up an Arsenal shirt, I guess you could say that it is all still just speculations. Regardless, let’s go ahead!

Gonzalo Higuaín

So, Higgy is still with us! That’s big, considering how the Stevan Jovetić rumors died down real fast in a span of a week. It seems like personal terms between the player and the club have been confirmed, while Real Madrid have also agreed with Arsenal on the transfer. All we’re waiting for now is the appointment of a new Madrid coach to “approve” the transfer and for Higuaín to come and take the medical on July 9. He’s nearly here guys! Just hold your horses for a little bit more!

Kyriakos Papadopoulos

I’m not going to bother remembering the spelling of his name, but I do hope I can say “KP” for many years to come. We’re linked with another starlet in the making. To be honest with you, as the talks seem to have just begun this past week, chances of seeing this kid in an Arsenal shirt seem fairly slim so far. Regardless, he’s a beast. You can talk about his injury woes all day, but remember what RVP did for us in the last two years he was here? You never know how the players will turn it around.

Kurt Zouma

Another quality teen that we’re linked to and could possibly instantly make our top 4 CB. If not, he can easily replace Miquel as a developmental player that we keep for the long run. He’s one of the few gems that are still out there, and we really need another superstar in the making after Wilshere and The Ox. It wouldn’t hurt to have someone in defense too.

Asmir Begović

I thought Begović might be running away from us, but it seems like with Liverpool signing Mignolet, we may have another shot at the Bosnian keeper. He’s in the mold of Petr Čech, and with Stoke having another excellent English keeper (Jack Butland), with a right bid, we may be able to have a serious competitor for Szczęsny. One of the few transfers I’m really wishing for this window.

Marouane Fellaini

We’re putting in an improved offer for him. The Belgian Afro isn’t someone that will decorate the paper covers, but he’ll certainly do the dirty jobs for us. Unfortunately, we’re not seeing much progress with him yet…

Wayne Rooney

Surprisingly, the rumors around WR10 actually seemed to point in our direction. Either we’re getting ahead of ourselves with the £70m transfer kitty, or there just isn’t talent that is for our level out there right now. Really, Wayne, just sign the new contract at OT. If he arrives here, he’ll improve us on the field, but off the field? Let’s not talk about it too much. Not a big fan of Nani coming here, but the transfer money for Rooney could easily be invested in Nani, PLUS Grenier. Heck, we might as well put in a bid for Lewy!

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