Weekly Roundup Week 24

Welcome to our very first Arsenal Digest Weekly Roundup.

This week, as expected, nothing much happened in the Arsenal FC’s frontiers, as the club continued to “extend” its transfer rumors with the usual suspects. If you’ve been somewhat keeping up with the club’s rumors, you might as well skip this post. However, if you’ve been out fishing or something more productive than reading through Arsenal transfer rumors pre-July, than you might as well spend a couple minutes reading this post to keep yourself at least updated.

Gonzalo Higuaín

Now hold your horses! According to Marca, we are indeed very close to getting Higgy. Now, we know very well that the deal can be put off at the very moment, as we’ve seen with the Juan Mata deal in the past. However, more and more sources are linking us with a potential £25m move for him, and it seems like we just may see Higuaín put on the famous Arsenal shirt. Will we finally smash our transfer record this week? I hope so! Gonzalo being interested in Arsenal coming to get him is a big plus too!

Clément Grenier

Probably the next hottest and most realistic transfer for the club. Grenier is not a superstar, but he surely will be the focal point of the French national team pretty soon if he keeps developing. I’d say a creative French version of Jack Wilshere? It seems like he may be looking to stay another season with Lyon, but my instincts say that the team should move quick. A bit different to the Higuaín case where the player is out of the team’s plans, so it may be a bit hard. However, I’d rather us splash the cash and get him, rather than missing him out like we did with Hazard.

Simon Mignolet

If Liverpool do indeed beat us to him for a price of £10m, I think we might be better off with what we have right now. Umm… maybe time to move in for Asmir Begović?

Wayne Rooney

It seems like Rooney leaving the team is some hot news around the world. While chances are slim, with RVP going to Manchester, it isn’t as hard anymore for a player to ply his trade at Old Trafford one year, and then at the Emirates the next. Wayne could just be the next. However, over the past week, we haven’t seen much news circulating around him and the club.

Marouane Fellaini

Personally, I’m digging for this transfer. One of the transfers I want the most happening. We haven’t seen any development since last week unfortunately, but we’ve tied up business like this in the past with Giroud. Keep it low-key and bag it. C’mon AW!

Victor Wanyama

Another solid player that we’ve been linked to for a long time, yet we’ve seen no development in talks. However, were we to get the Belgian Afro above, Wanyama may be a surplus. If we get either, it’ll be a successful transfer.

Stephan El Shaarawy

This news was ****ing exciting! The guy’s the new prince of Milan and he’s destined for a bright future. However, as much talented as he is, there’s no way such a deal will be happening. Cesc coming back might be quicker.


I doubt it and I’m all against it.

At the end of the day, we’re still with what we have, aside from Denilson leaving us, which is a great deal. More salary space! But, with June half way over, from behind the scenes, Arsenal should be busy and have some deals close to done and dusted. However, we also do need to keep in mind that the only major signings this season so far have been Neymar and Mario Götze. Technically, the transfer window is not yet open, and major clubs like Real Madrid have yet confirmed their targets (like Gareth Bale heh). So hold your horses, but just for two more weeks!

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