Post-Community Shield Review

Let’s be honest with ourselves fellow Gooners. Yesterday’s 3-0 win over Manchester City is not an indicator that we are going to be lifting the title come May next year. Sure, we did play well, but City was doing all sorts of experiments and the likes of Boyata probably won’t face Arsenal when things really matter. With that said, can Arsenal really be title contenders this year?

Quick Transitions are Back

On a number of occasions, Arsenal was able to move the ball up to the final third very quickly. All three goals were actually quite a quick transition from retaining the ball to the final product and such quick transition from getting the ball to the final product should help us out when we play against big teams that like possession. Yesterday’s match had City holding on to the ball more than Arsenal, but we could come out as winners because we were able to deliver. Quick delivery could happen because we could move the ball from the defense to the offense before the City defense could organize itself. This consequently led to us having much more shots on goal than City and ultimately the Gunners coming out as winners. Expect a similar tactical approach against the other big teams like Chelsea and Manchester United (with Louis van Gaal, things should be different at Old Trafford).

Defense is Solid

Even without the 3rd choice CB in the team yet, our defense looks pretty solid. It is without a doubt that if we want to challenge on all four fronts, we will absolutely need another CB that will push Kos and Per to the limits. However, the Chambers-Monreal combination looks pretty good. I can see Wenger doing a Sagna-transformation with Monreal, as Nacho seems to be getting more and more accustomed to the central role despite his physical deficiencies compared to the typical CBs. With Chambers getting better as the season matures, and with the imminent arrival of a new “starter-level” CB, Wenger and Bould should be pretty confident with the team’s defense.

Passing is Quality

Again, although City didn’t have Kompany, Zabaleta and the likes in defense making our passing in the final third harder than usual, we still saw some very nice passing, especially with Jack Wilshere. Unfortunately, Jack’s going to probably be the one that loses the starting spot once Ozil comes back, without a doubt, we saw what Jack could possibly do for us if he can stay injury free. It was actually kind of reminiscent of the old beautiful football that Arsenal used to play. Against the teams that like to park the bus, this passing will certainly prove to be useful.

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