Emirates Cup 2014 Review

In the end, the club was unable continue their FA Cup run and win another trophy at the Emirates. However, beyond just a nice looking trophy, us fans could have a great look on how the team will shape up for this coming season and what areas the team might need a little more improvements on.

New Players are Looking Great

Over the summer, despite losing another starting member to Manchester City, Arsenal picked up a great, established international player in Mathieu Debuchy and the new Number 2 performed very well. Calum Chambers, while playing as a CB for both games also looked great, showing how versatile he could prove to be in the coming years for the team. While Alexis Sanchez was unable to get on the scoresheet, he did show glimpses of his brilliance and “world class”-ness that follows his name.

Youngsters Fine as Always

Quite a few youngsters were part of the team during this friendly tournament, but the most outstanding has to be Bellerin. The former Barcelona youth proved just why he could be a darkhorse in the club’s RB battle between (as of) Debuchy and Chambers. Hopefully Hector stays for many years to come and we see a friendly competition between Chambers, Bellerin, and maybe even Jenkinson.

CM/DM is in Need

While Arsenal played brilliantly, against Monaco however, the team was exposed to quite a few counters that a specialized DM might have more effectively prevented. Talks of Khedira, Carvalho, and Schneiderlin are still coming up here and there throughout the media and while we are not sure which player will (if even) come in, one thing for sure is that one of them needs to come in. To be honest, Wilshere is not physically a defensive midfielder and it would be a waste of his creative attacking abilities to even consider him at the back. Wenger, get it done!

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