Community Shield 2014, Arsenal vs. Manchester City

With just an hour to go before kick off, we give intake on the potential line up for today’s match against Manchester City.


This should definitely be the first match where we see what Sanchez can do for us this coming season against the top sides in the league, while Campbell’s quality should also come up to surface. Some of the things to look out for in this match:

Can Sanchez bring us a new dimension of attack to Arsenal?

Pre-season has really been about Sanogol and Campbell more than Sanchez, as the Chilean wasn’t really able to get on the end of the attack during the Emirates Cup. However, he did show some great ball keeping skills along with some finesse that we were missing for a while. However, despite not winning the Emirates Cup, Benfica and Moncao aren’t really the quality of the teams that Arsenal will face during the season or in the Champions League. Manchester City will surely be a good benchmark on how the team will fare with Sanchez, although we are missing a very important German core in the team for this match up. If Sanchez can successfully put the likes of Kompany or Kolarov (possibly the bets full back in the league), Arsenal should have a pretty good shot in the league this season.

Are we short on midfield?

After the Verminator’s transfer to Barcelona, it is without a doubt that we need a 3rd choice CB that can compete with Kos and Mertesacker. However, the defensive midfield position that everyone has been crying about will come up to test once again in this match up. Especially since the possession between the two teams is expected to be quite even, the importance of this “vacant” position might come up on surface even more. While Wenger has talked about some other players possibly filling in (eg. Chambers), it will be interesting to see if a specialist is really in need or not.

Do we have depth?

As mentioned before, the German core is missing in this match and it could give us a good image on what our situation might look like when we have a few injuries and a few players are out. It is without a doubt that Per and Ozil are integral part of the starting XI, and Poldi is a quality impact player to come off the bench. Without these trio, how will we fare in this match? It is an interesting question to think of during this match, as we all know, the club always seem to be hit with major injury crisis right after the January transfer window…


Arsenal 2-1 Manchester City

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