Arsenal 3-0 Crystal Palace Review

Player Ratings

Szczesny: [6.5] The Pole was reliable when called on, but in all honesty, wasn’t really tested by Palace. Although he seemed a little bit impulsive with his runs, and seemed a bit hesitant with the opening goal, but definitely cemented the game well with a commanding attitude during Palace’s last corner.

Debuchy: [7.0] Definitely, at minimum, no less than Sagna. Did not look weak on the defensive end, and was very impressive when bombing forward. Crosses are definitely a lot better than his French compatriot.

Chambers:[(8.0] A legend in the making? Calum continued his impressive display at the CB, covering in for the BFG. Showed that he can challenge the Per-Kos partnership during the season. Very composed passes both forward and backwards.

Koscielny: [7.0] On his way to getting his shares of goals in a season again. The little back header is starting to really become a trademark of his, as he understood Sanchez’s trajectory perfectly to dink home the equalizer. Looks to be uncertain for the mid-week match tho…

Gibbs: [6.0] Had to hit the showers early because of a knock (so far). While on the pitch tho, Gibbs never looked exposed and seemed to complement the left side of the team’s attack very well too.

Arteta: [6.0] Not terrible, but also not the best of his games. While the entire midfield today seemed sluggish, Arteta seemed a bit too behind for just the first competitive match of the season.

Wilshere: [6.0] JW10 had an amazing game against City, but didn’t seem to be too tidy with the ball today. His trapping and overall control seemed a bit heavy and long as the game went on. Staying injury free should be his #1 priority tho, as there is no doubt about the talent.

Ramsey: [7.0] Saved the day (again), but didn’t perform to what has now become his usual standard. Tidy passes to begin the game, but was definitely lucky with Debuchy’s shot rebounding off for him to tap it in from half a yard away from the goal.

Cazorla: [5.5] Not the best of games for Santi as it just didn’t seem to be his day today. Started to get more involved with the game once The Ox came in and he was played in the middle of the park.

Sanchez: [6.0] No goals yet, but he did get his first assist–although it has to be more due to Kos heading it in beautifully. Seemed to be a bit out of sync with the team still, and also seemed to be frustrated as his 1:1 against Palace’s defenders just wasn’t working today. No need to press the panic button yet tho, as we just need Alexis to gel with the other players first before any real assessment can be done.

Sanogo: [5.5] Sanogol? Not the Yaya Sanogo we saw at the Emirates Cup. While his lanky legs get him some space from time to time, he really was banged by the Palace defense today. Definitely needs to beef up much more to become more lethal.


Monreal: [6.5] Came on for the injured Gibbs at LB and showed why he is still a better LB than a CB (although he was impressive there too during the preseason). Nice tidy link up play on the left line and the one that got Puncheon sent off!

Giroud: [6.5] Showed why he should still be the preferred striker over Sanogo regardless of the number of goals during the preseason. Giroud isn’t going to randomly score a goal out of nothing, but today’s match was evidence of how good his linkup play is. This particular French forward definitely needs to be given more slack than what people give him!

Chamberlain: [6.0] Came on to play on the right flank, but didn’t seem to be energetic compared to his usual self, which kind of limited the team’s defense. Definitely his brace last year was a lot better than his performance today.

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